Atif Mohtashim Khan

Atif Mohtashim Khan

Advocate Supreme Court, Book Author, & Poet

About Ruzaks Consultants:

Welcome to the World of Legal Excellence and Innovation at Ruzaks Law Consultants, where Atif Mohtashim Khan, an eminent legal expert, leads the way. As the CEO of our esteemed law firm, with branches spanning across Lahore & Islamabad.

Atif Khan brings a profound understanding of both national and international law to the forefront. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, he has established himself as a luminary in the legal arena, serving as a senior advocate at the Lahore High Court and achieving the prestigious status of an advocate at the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Atif Mohtashim Khan, the visionary CEO of Ruzaks Law Consultants, was established in 2000, he stands as the embodiment of legal brilliance, innovation, and dedication. With an unparalleled career trajectory and a remarkable list of achievements, he continues to shape the legal landscape in Pakistan and beyond.

His mastery encompasses diverse domains of law, ensuring that clients receive nothing short of exceptional legal guidance and solutions. Be it civil and criminal litigation, revenue law intricacies, arbitration expertise, or adept handling of custom matters, Atif Khan’s unwavering commitment to excellence shines through, illuminating Ruzaks Law Consultants as an undisputed beacon of legal eminence.


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