Atif Mohtashim Khan

Atif Mohtashim Khan

Advocate Supreme Court, Book Author, & Poet
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Medical Jurisprudence

In the modern ages, the administration of justice in criminal field is possible with having a proper knowledge of medical jurisprudence. For imposing criminal responsibility in crimes against human body, knowledge of medical jurisprudence has become a condition precedent. A lawyer cannot claim himself as an expert advocate in criminal field till he gains such knowledge.

Medical Jurisprudence by “Modi” has very much importance in the field of criminal justice. Most of lawyers in Pakistan take guince from book but problem is there that Modi’s Medical Jurisprudence has been prepared with the background of Indian Law. The same situation is with other such books. No such books is available in the background of Pakistani Law.

The book in hand is nothing but Modi’s jurisprudence having a remarkable change of including all relevant Pakistani Law. Another feature of the book is that it is decorated with the Chapter of “D.N A” test and up-to-date Pakistani Law.

Insha Allah, the book will meet the requirements of lawyers in the criminal field. Now they can prepare their brief, if related, keeping in jew the Pakistani Case Law.

Every effort has been made to avoid any errors. however, the possibility of the presence of an error cannot be ignored, if any such error is shortcoming is found, please inform the undersigned.

ATIF MOHTASHIM KHAN (Advocate High Court)