Atif Mohtashim Khan

Atif Mohtashim Khan

Advocate Supreme Court, Book Author, & Poet

But if we expect Justice for ourselves, we must support it for others

Life Member of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan --- 2023

Life Member of International Bar Association --- 2020

Life Member of Lahore High Court --- 2007

Life Member of Lahore Bar --- 2004

Life Member of Lahore Tax Bar --- 2002

About Atif Mohtashim Khan

Atif Mohtashim Khan

Atif Mohtashim Khan embodies not only legal prowess but also literary finesse as an accomplished author and poet. His journey through the legal landscape is adorned with remarkable milestones, showcasing his unwavering dedication and exceptional skill set.

Milestones Achieved:

Atif Khan’s expertise and commitment have been recognized by various Bar Associations through prestigious life memberships:

Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan: He has been a distinguished Life Member since 2023

International Bar: He earned the esteemed Life Member in 2020

Lahore High Court: Recognized as a Life Member since 2007

Lahore Bar: A prominent Life Member since 2004

Lahore Tax Bar: Acknowledged as a Life Member since 2002

Expertise Across Legal Domains:

Civil & Criminal Litigation:

At the core of Atif Khan’s practice lies his profound expertise in civil, criminal, and intellectual property litigation. From navigating Lower Courts and Trial Courts to the High Court and the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he has deftly handled a multitude of complex cases. His extensive portfolio encompasses matters such as financial institution fraud, violations of intellectual property rights, dishonor of cheques, criminal breach of trust, narcotics offenses, customs and excise laws, and a diverse array of criminal and civil litigations.

Revenue Law:

In the ever-evolving legal landscape, Atif Khan has adeptly harnessed technology and modern practices to elevate his legal services. His innovative approach to grappling with intricate Revenue Law and related legal issues is a testament to his expertise. His comprehensive understanding encompasses all facets of Revenue administration, including land taxes, land revenue, and meticulous land record preparation.

Arbitration / Settlement & Consolidation Law:

Atif Khan’s prowess extends to effective dispute resolution. With a keen acumen for reconciling conflicts between disputing parties, he offers binding solutions that not only save time and resources but also foster harmony. His expertise in arbitration provides a neutral ground for parties engaged in business transactions and various affairs, streamlining the process and culminating in equitable settlements.

Custom Law:

A maestro of custom cases, Atif Khan’s achievements resonate at the Karachi Custom Port, where he has adeptly managed countless cases. Armed with an arsenal of techniques, he navigates the intricacies of custom matters with precision. His extensive experience and mastery of custom laws position him as an unequivocal authority in this domain.

As A CEO Leading Law Firm Ruzaks Consultants

Atif Mohtashim Khan, the visionary CEO of Ruzaks Law Consultants, was established in 2000, he stands as the embodiment of legal brilliance, innovation, and dedication. With an unparalleled career trajectory and a remarkable list of achievements, he continues to shape the legal landscape in Pakistan and beyond.

His Literary Achievements

Atif's Khan contributions to the legal profession also include authorship of acclaimed books such as "How to Arrest and Prosecute", "The Customs Act 1969" and "Medical Jurisprudence".

Outside of his legal practice, he is a well-regarded author with works focusing on philosophy, religion, literature and world affairs. "Tasawaf Tareekh Ki Roshni Mein" is a great art of work by him, focuses on metaphysics. He has also translated "Five Ideas That Changed The World" by 'Barbara Ward' and "The Idea of Justice" by 'Amartya Sen' so it may be accessible to the Urdu-speaking community.

His highly anticipated poetry anthology "Gul Fakhar Karein" was published in last year 2022 and this book and his poetry has been highly appreciated and liked by many people. And after the success of "Gul Fakhar Karen" Mr. Atif Khan is working on a new poetry collection "Chand Yaadein".

Medical Jurisprudence
گل فخر کریں
The Customs Act 1969

Recent Reported Judgments

(S.3-- Displaced persons (Land Settlement) Rules , 1959, R.7-A ---Displaced Person (Land Settlement) Act ( XLVII of 1958)

( Ss. 27,25 & 33--- Jurisdiction of Consumer Court--- Filling of Claims)

( Art. 199--- Board of Revenue Memo--- Constitutional Petition)

( S. 42 --- Qunun -e- Shahdat (10 of 1984), Art. 114 Limitation Act (IX of 1908), S.3--- Suit for Declaration --- Limitation --- Estoppel)

( O.XIV, R.5 & S.11--- Framing of additional issues --- interim order-- Res-judicata, Principle of Applicability)

( Arts. 67, 53,127,130(3) & 254--- Rules of procedure of Provincial Assembly of Punjab, 1997)

( S. 12(2) --- Fraud & Misrepresentation --- Application under section 12(2), C.P.C for setting aside the judgement filed during pendency of appeal --- Maintainability)

( Art. 10A--- Right to fair trial --- Concurrent Civil & Criminal Proceedings -- Ss. 30A, 33 & 37A--- Constitution of Pakistan, Arts.4 & 10A--- Tax Fraud)